Rocky is a very special, gentle and handsome Beagle. He came to the shelter because his owner could not take care of him anymore due to work obligations. Rocky is such a softie, has a great character, is gentle with everyone and he loves attention and cuddles. He is also calm and walks perfectly on the leash without pulling. Rocky never leaves you out of sight, listens very well to his name and when you call him he comes running towards you with his big ears flapping in the wind. Rocky is also sociable with other dogs.
Unfortunately Rocky has a few handicaps, which for him to find a new family is going to be just that little bit more difficult. We hope by being as honest as possible we also can find this little gem a forever home, he so really deserves it. First of all Rocky´s vision seems impaired and he seems to just see shapes and shadows. Also when he is nervous he turns in circles around himself. We are currently investigating if this circling is a physical problem or behavioural problem. And finally his liver seems to be affected but luckily with liver protection tablets this can be controlled.
Rocky went in foster care for a couple of days to give the best and most accurate description for his future new home. The following description is based on their and our own experiences.
Rocky is very trustful to people and very affectionate. In the foster home there was an 8 year old girl to whom he really connected, they played, chased each other around and cuddled; even in the night he looked for her and slept peacefully next to her in bed. Because of his impaired vision his is a little afraid in new places or situations but he fully trusts on you to guide him and with a little guidance and a little patience he quickly recovers and adapts. In the car he lays down quietly until the destination, after his initial insecurity to get into the car.
At the arrival home Rocky was a little insecure with the stairs and the new surroundings, frantically trying to establish the new situation by sniffing everything. However a little bit of patience and guidance made him feel secure very quickly. In some occasions when Rocky felt nervous he started to circle around himself without stopping, however when you do activities with him he doesn´t. He also sleeps quietly without any nervousness. He is very attached to people and follows you around wherever you go. He is housetrained, he doesn’t destroy anything, he is always at your side and doesn´t bark. Rocky likes activity but with a low intensity. Rocky would probably thrive best in a stable environment.
Who can look through his handicaps at the beautiful character Rocky is and would love to give this special dog a new forever home? He will reward you with unconditional love and loyalty. Please come and visit him and get to know him, guaranteed you will fall in love with him. We will be more than happy to take the time and to inform you thoroughly about his situation.
Nombre - Name - Name
Sexo - Geschlecht - SexMacho - Ruede - Male
Raza - Rasse - BreedBEAGLE
Castrado - kastriert - Castrated
Nacido - geboren - Born01.03.2013
en la Protectora desde - im Tierheim seit - in the shelter since28.05.2018
Altura - Größe - Height40 cm
Peso - Gewicht - Weight15 kg
Nivel de energía - Energieniveau - Energy level4
Necesita jardin - braucht Garten- Needs gardenNo - nein - no
bien con machos - verträglich mit Rüden - ok with male dogsSi - Ja - Yes
bien con hembras - verträglich mit Hündinnen - ok with female dogsSi - Ja - Yes
bien con niños - Kinderlieb - ok with childrenSi - Ja - Yes
bien con gatos - Katzenfreundlich - ok with catsno sabemos - unbekannt - we don't know
Contacto - Kontakt -
Apadrinado - Patenschaft - Parenthood


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