Jose and Jack are two beautiful and playful puppies; they are two happy and healthy 4-legged bundles of joy. They were left at the gate of the shelter in a water bucket. Jose and Jack have a great and open character and have a lot of confidence in people. They love playing with you and enjoy your cuddles to the fullest. Jose and Jack are also very sociable with other dogs and love to play with them. Jose and Jack know no fears and walk confidently on the leash exploring everything new around them. Like all puppies, they still need to learn some basic things, but they will quickly learn as they are quite clever. As adults they are probably going to be a medium-sized dogs. Don’t hesitate and come to know these two handsome boys!
Nombre - Name - Name
Sexo - Geschlecht - Sexmacho - Rüde - male
Raza - Rasse - Breedmestizo / mix
Castrado - kastriert - Castratedno - nein - no
Nacido - geboren - Born27.03.2019
en la Protectora desde - im Tierheim seit - in the shelter since27.05.2019
Altura - Größe - Height-> cm
Peso - Gewicht - Weight2.7 kg ->
Nivel de energía - Energieniveau - Energy level7
Necesita jardin - braucht Garten- Needs gardenSi - Ja - Yes
bien con machos - verträglich mit Rüden - OK with male dogsSi - Ja - Yes
bien con hembras - verträglich mit Hündinnen - ok with female dogsSi - Ja - Yes
bien con niños - Kinderlieb - ok with childrenSi - Ja - Yes
bien con gatos - Katzenfreundlich - ok with catsSi - Ja - Yes
Contacto - Kontakt -
Apadrinado - Patenschaft - Parenthood

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