Happy End

Our goal is to create families ~ and happy endings!
Although we always want more dogs to get adopted, a lot of our dogs are lucky to find their forever homes with fantastic families. These fantastic families make all the work we do worthwhile and thanks to them we believe in the work we do in APAD.
We are happy to inform you that last year we also had many successful adoptions of adult dogs. This makes us especially happy as for adult dogs it is in general more difficult to find a forever home than for puppies.

Have you adopted a dog from us?
Because we LOVE to know how the dogs are doing we also hope you’ll keep in touch with us as well to tell us all about your life together. There are many ways you can reach us with your updates:

  • EMAIL  with photos, links to video and details of your adventures together
  • FACEBOOK, or send a private message

We would like to present you some of our happy endings of the dogs
that have found their forever home:


Happy End 2013

Ron Happy End 2014

Happy End 2014

Chispa Butch Happy 2015

Happy End 2015

Brandy Happy 2016

Happy End 2016

Happy End 2017

Happy End 2018

Happy End 2019

Happy End 2020

Happy End 2021

Happy End 2022

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