December 7, 2018 was the last day to submit the application for the municipal tender to collect and take care of the abandoned animals of Denia.

After nine months of disputes, waiting, drama and hope, APAD was short-listed for contract negotiation and on August 19, the City Council requested additional documentation required under Section 4 of the Administrative Specifications. Furthermore, a security deposit of € 6,867.16 was taken. APAD sent all requested documents to the city hall on time on 30 August 2019.

On the 12th of September we received very disappointing news. We received notification that a new call for tenders will be made as “APAD does not meet the requirements”. The decision has nothing to do with the submission of the documentation of the last phase. It is completely incomprehensible, but the communication states that APAD does not fulfill the requirements for the execution of the services set out in Phase 2 of the call for tenders. This is after Phase 2 of the tender has already been rated with 37 points for the execution of the services, 15 points more than the competitor Serproanimal. In addition, we were never informed of any concerns during the procedure and no additional information was requested. Worse, they asked us to submit the standard documents from the last phase of the tender, requiring us to spend money on this. In addition, we were obliged to pay a security deposit of € 6,867.16.

APAD is deeply disappointed how this can happen.

This is the summary of the Town Hall (false and incoherent) and the basis for the rejection of APAD:

“… In conclusion, they cannot accept animals other than dogs and cannot afford the cost of more staff to provide a 24-hour service. Furthermore, they do not consider it possible to report to the contracting authority and the person responsible for the contract a report on the animals they have collected, the adoptions they have made or the staff working for the service. This is a violation of the technical specifications that apply to this procurement, a violation of Law 9/2017 on public sector contracts and the principles of the awarding of administrative contracts,……. ”

This tender was the third tender for the same service. No one responded to the first tender in July 2018 because there was no information on its publication. In the second call for proposals in August 2018, no other organization responded to the tender and APAD did not respond as the economic offer was very low and the requirements of the call were unsatisfiable; no organization or association could afford to participate in the tender under these conditions. After the second call in September 2018, we had a meeting with the city council and asked for adjustments to the requirements to make the conditions viable. In November 2018 the third tender was published, this time with changes / improvements to the economic part, but without changing the unfulfillable requirements. However, APAD decided to continue to fight for the animals and to participate in the tender, even though we knew that some requirements could not be met. However, APAD proposed appropriate solutions to the call for tenders for the respective problematic requirements.

No, we cannot accommodate animals other than dogs. The facilities (owned by the town hall) which we are required to use according to the contract, can only accommodate dogs. For this reason, we cooperate with other animal welfare associations, which can accommodate all other species in their facilities that are appropriate for the respective species. No, we cannot accommodate cats, which is why we work with Aldea Felina.

No, we cannot accommodate horses, but we work with APAC. We submitted all of these solutions to the town hall.

In addition, we cannot pay a vet to be available 24 hours a day to drive out with our driver to collect injured animals or animals involved in an accident. Furthermore, no veterinarian can work 24 hours a day, so more vets would need to be hired to be ready to pick up the animals 24 hours a day. Which veterinarian would be ready to do that, and what would be the costs for this service? For this reason, we have suggested continuing to work with the NEXO veterinary clinic, which operates a 24-hour emergency service.

The 24-hour collection service is assured by drivers in different shifts, as a single driver cannot work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But no, we cannot afford three drivers, but we employ two drivers and try to finance their salaries through donations.

And as for our willingness to share our reports with the Town Hall:

We have been sending A MONTHLY REPORT to the TOWN HALL FOR MANY YEARS, stating how many dogs have come in, how many dogs have been adopted, etc. We send it monthly via a special mailing procedure so that we can always PROVE to have sent the information. We also took part in several meetings with the City Council, during which we presented all our operational and economic figures.

During the last years, we have NEVER denied or rejected a service, we always found solutions to the frequently challenging problems and tasks. The way in which we work successfully today, which we have also suggested as solutions in both tenders, now appear to be worthless.

A brief APAD summary of items not included in the decision:

  • APAD expenditure for the period 2016-2018 averaged € 170,000 per year, almost half of which are veterinary costs. During this period we received from the city hall only a grant of € 24,744 per year. APAD has managed to balance the difference with the funds of its donors, partners, volunteers, adoptive homes, friends and the board.
  • In the last 3 years we have taken an average of 780 animals per year off the streets.
  • In the last 3 years, APAD has found a new home for an average of 205 dogs per year, and each year more than 50% of these dogs were sent abroad, thanks to APAD’s good connections to Germany and Switzerland.
  • APAD does not euthanize dogs but tries to find a home for each animal, regardless of how long it takes to find a home.
  • APAD has found good and appropriate housing for the other species, for which APAD cannot provide appropriate shelter, such as for cats at Aldea Felina.
  • APAD is considered one of the cleanest and most hygienic establishments in the entire Comunidad Valenciana.
  • No ill or injured dog will be deprived of the appropriate treatment. APAD treats all its animals until they have fully recovered.
  • Over the past three years, APAD has castrated an average of 140 dogs per year and has had 160 dogs microchipped and vaccinated against rabies per year on average.
  • We employ 8 Denia residents.
  • The work of the board of directors of APAD is done without remuneration
  • APAD has a team of volunteers with an economic value of at least 12 full-time jobs, working without pay, every hour of their free time, out of love for the animals.
  • APAD has the necessary license núcleo zoológico (necessary to operate an animal shelter) and every year two inspections are carried out by the Veterinary Office and the City Council. These inspections determine whether APAD works in accordance with legal requirements and standards. We receive a positive control rating every single time.

In short, what has happened?

In its bid for the tender, APAD has stated that it cannot meet all desired requirements word for word, but has pointed out solutions and alternatives. All this was communicated in phase 2, the phase that concerns the technical requirements of the tender.

But now these solutions and alternatives, which we have already proposed in Phase 2 of the call and that we have practiced successfully for years, seem to be no longer suitable for the City Council at the end of the tender procedure. It is even more incomprehensible since APAD already received more points than its competitor at this stage of the tender for the technical requirements, pointing to that these solutions and alternatives were accepted. It was based on this score that we received the contract negotiation offer as the other company withdrew from the tender.

Although our lawyer has pointed out to us that we have reasons to appeal this decision, we are not sure we want to do so. A relationship must be conducted by both sides on an equal footing and with respect. This decision is a slap in our face.

This was now the third tender process that has failed. We have been waiting for almost 2 years for a new contract and continue to provide the service without complaint in return for an unchanged small subsidy and at the same high cost. The current requirements of the town hall can, in our opinion, never be met. If the tendering requirements are not adjusted or improved, APAD will never again receive a renewed contract for the animal collection service in Denia. We doubt that another organization can meet all requirements.

We at APAD have lost hope. Perhaps it is time for APAD to look for other ways and opportunities to help the stray and abused dogs of Spain.

Our balance sheets are public and accessible to everyone. Every interested person is invited to come and see how and where the taxpayer’s money is spent (although it accounts for only a small part of the actual cost of keeping the shelter going).

The full decision of the town hall can be accessed by clicking here:

The Board of Directors of APAD


APAD handed in all the documents requested by the City Council on time on August 30, 2019


We are very happy to inform you that Serproanimal stays out of the animal collection bid, so it will fall back to APAD.
A new turn in events causes APAD to have the possibility of recovering the service. After several weeks of controversy, with a demonstration organized on the 8th of August in support of us, Serproanimal, a company that was initially going to keep the service, is out of the contest for breaching the deadline in the presentation of documentation.
The unthinkable has happened: after the deadline for the delivery of documentation, Serproanimal has not submitted anything to the City Council, as reported by the session. Therefore, the tender would fall on the second best offer, which is APAD.
After an error was made during the budget phase of the contest, APAD was seemingly without possibilities. Seemingly, because due to Serpronimal not presenting the required documents, APAD again has the opportunity to take care of the collection of animals from Dénia, provided that we submit the documentation on time and everything is in order.

Thank you all for your wonderful, heartwarming support!

31 July 2019


Or they will end up in the perrera of Serproanimal SL (El Corralet) in Vinaroz / Castellon.

This perrera is about to take over from the no-kill, not-for-profit asociation APAD that has been in Denia for 28 years. Abandoned animals will no longer be looked after and cared for until they find a new home like in APAD, instead in this perrera they will be facing an uncertain future. Apad has lost the municipal tender for the animal shelter in Denia to the company Serproanimal SL (El Corralet). This is a profit organisation that in the short time of their existence have been able to take over the public shelter service of more than 50 towns and generate a turnover of 1.500.000,00 Euro .Unfortunately it seems that many of the hundreds of stray dogs collected by them vanish without a trace… Help us to convince Denia townhall to overturn the decision!

Please sign our peticion on:  search for APAD

Come to the demonstration on 08.08.2019. at 11.30 in front of the town hall in Denia 

Write a protest mail to the town hall in Denia or call 965780100


27 July 2019


We would like to inform you, in response to the numerous requests for information that we are receiving from the citizens of Denia, about the current situation of APAD Asociación Protectora de Animales de Denia.

For more than 25 years APAD has been fighting for the rights and the welfare of animals in the municipality of Denia and its surroundings. APAD is a zero kill shelter and our goal has always been to guarantee the welfare of animals. It has been a difficult journey, with laws contrary to our ideas, but we believe that we currently live in a social environment whose aims are in accordance with those we defend.

During all these years many people have worked really hard towards realising our dream, to become a society that takes into account the rights and welfare of animals. This has been brought about by the collaboration and effort of everyone concerned, such as the animal carers, volunteers, members, friends, donors, adopters, etc.

After much work and effort on our part to obtain a higher funding for the on-going care of our animals, a public tender, reflecting this work, was published and two parties have presented themselves.

On the one hand we, APAD Asociación Protectora de Animales de Denia, who for more than 25 years have provided the service of collecting and caring for the abandoned animals of Denia, ensuring full veterinary care, as well as facilitating their adoptions in Spain and other countries. APAD is a zero-kill, not for profit association that fights for the rights and welfare of animals. It is also very involved in the local community of Denia, collaborating with local entities, schools and associations, providing employment, relying on a large number of volunteers and attending to the local and foreign population of Denia.

On the other hand SERPROANIMAL, SL, a limited liability company based in Vinaroz (Castellon) with an significant turnover range between 0.5 and 1.5 million euros, with several business lines such as the breeding of pets, of mini dog breeds and guinea pigs at “EL CORRALET”, as well as the collection of abandoned animals in several municipalities in the provinces of Tarragona, Castellón, Valencia and Alicante, places where previously associations like APAD worked.

SERPROANIMAL SL., having proposed the maximum economic reduction possible for which they can carry out the service within the framework of the tender (which in our opinion would result in a deficient service since the maintenance costs for the animals we have in the shelter are very high reflecting the level of care they receive), seem to have the favourable score. We are currently awaiting more information.

This is the current situation, and we would like to thank all the people who are showing solidarity and support.



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