Our approach is structured, but each case is individual

Step 1: Rescue and recuperation of a stray dog
When we receive a notice of a stray dog we go out with our van to rescue it from the street. We then take the dog to a veterinarian for a check up of its state of health, to give it the necessary vaccinations and to treat it for common internal and external parasites.

Step 2 – Quarantine and diffusion
When the dog arrives in the shelter it will first stay in quarantine to evaluate if it hasn´t any unnoticed illness. During this time we try to establish the dog´s temperament and behavior with other dogs and people, and also what would be its ideal home and ideal family, e.g. a family with or without children, family with other dogs, a house or a flat, etc.
In the meantime we also diffuse information about the dog via social media in order to find its owner, just in case its owner has lost it and is searching for it. The owner will have 20 days to recuperate the dog before it goes into adoption.

Step 3- Up for adoption
In the case that the dog´s owner doesn’t present him or herself, the dog goes up for adoption and we proceed to publish the dog´s photos and description on our own website. To give the maximum diffusion possible and to increase the dog´s adoption we also send its information to other adoption Internet sites, social media and local media.

Step 4: Adoption process
Once a family is interested in adopting a dog we will visit different suitable dogs with them and interview them on the basis of our adoption questionnaire. We are looking for life-long, permanent homes for our dogs and we need to be sure a family can provide such a home. This means we have to ask questions about personal circumstances. We will also discuss the behavioral and medical records of the dog in order to help the family to choose the right dog.

Basic conditions for adoption:

Step 5 Follow up support
Every dog that is adopted will receive an identification tag with APAD´s contact numbers and the dog´s personal identification number. This personal number is used in our database in order to search for the dog’s information when needed. We place several calls after an adoption, one shortly after the adoption and, after that, every once in a while, to hear how the dog is adapting to its new home and to help in case there are any issues.

Adoption conditions
Each dog will be given into adoption fully vaccinated, free from common parasites (internal and external), a microchip for identification, it´s passport and with a health certificate signed by a veterinarian. Adult dogs are given in adoption spayed or neutered.
All adoptions are subjected to a fee of 230 €. This fee includes all the vaccinations, a bloodtest,  the dog´s passport and all veterinary costs including spay and neuter surgery, treatment for internal and external parasites.