Our mission

Our motivation is to allow every animal a life with dignity

APAD´s mission is to save abandoned, neglected and abused dogs from the streets of Denia, to humanely take care of their well being during their stay in APAD, and most importantly to find them loving forever homes.
The overall objective of APAD is to prevent future abandonment and abuse and to achieve responsible ownership and respect for animals, and we act accordingly not only by taking care for the animals that have already been abandoned, but also through awareness, denunciation of abuse, information and by example.
At this moment we house around 80 dogs, both adults and puppies, that are waiting for their forever homes that provide them with safety, care, love and treat them with respect and responsibility.
Our philosophy is never to euthanize an animal because of lack of space or funding but to save, rehabilitate and re-home all adoptable animals under our care.


APAD provides a service for the collection and transportation of animals that are abandoned and / or injured and / or mistreated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service is provided at the request of the Local Police, the National Police, the municipal inspection services, and the citizens of Denia and tourists. The approximate response time is 20 minutes from the notification of an incident to our arrival.

During the year 2020 579 dogs have entered in A.P.A.D., 375 have been collected by their owners and 210 dogs have been adopted. On 31-12-2020 we had 67 dogs in our facilities.

We have also collected 131 other animals, including:
seagulls, cats, hawk, snakes, giant iguana, hawk breeding, parrots, rabbits, owl, turtles, swan,  roosters, nymphs, pigs and boar.

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