If you want to take care of a pet at home, while we are looking for a permanent home, you can collaborate as a foster home. Foster homes are a fundamental pillar for our association since they can help those who require special attention that we can not offer them in our facilities.
They are usually puppies, small dogs, convalescent dogs, elderly dogs, or dogs that need therapy to overcome their fears or anxieties, although sometimes we need a temporary space for a dog in the event of saturation in the shelter.

The association is always in contact with you

Foster homes always have a direct contact person at APAD who will help them to resolve any doubts that may arise about the dog, so no experience is necessary.
The association will cover all the veterinary  and food expenses of the animal and will provide you with everything you may need to take care of it, except in the case that the host decides to assume part or all of it voluntarily.

Characteristics and Needs of the Dogs that need fostering

No doubt these dogs are the ones who need it most and without people like you, who give them an opportunity to “integrate” into a family life, their destiny would be very uncertain.

Whether in a house or apartment, with children and animals or without them, fostering facilitates the future adoption of these dogs that in other cases would never have had the opportunity to leave a cage and therefore, to live again.

Thank you for your collaboration!!

Foster application form

If you are interested in fostering a dog, please fill out the form below: (Please note: Our foster homes need to be in Denia or very close to Denia. Do not fill out the form if you live further away)

Foster Home application