Adopt a dog from the shelter

Adopting a dog is an incredibly rewarding experience. Adopting a dog is not only an opportunity for you to welcome a new member into your family but also to save a life of a dog that has been abandoned and or abused and to offer it a second chance for a happy life.

“Adopt a dog and you will save two lives,
not only the life of the one 
you adopt
but also 
of the one that can take its place in the shelter”

What to consider when you want to adopt a dog:

A.P.A.D. houses dogs of all different breeds, sizes and ages that are all waiting eagerly for a forever home.
If you are thinking about adopting a dog and want to find out how to, please look at the information below or just come by and visit us at A.P.A.D.. We have a team of experts that will help you find the dog that matches your wishes, family and lifestyle.
To be able to help you find the best dog for you it would be really useful if you could fill out and send us the pre-adoption questionnaire.

Pre-adoption questionnaire

QuestionnaireAdoption requirements

  1. Look after the dog in the most optimal way and to provide it with quality food, exercise, education, time, shelter, space, etc. Give your dog all the veterinary care it needs.
  2. Not use it for reproduction or breeding
  3. Inform A.P.A.D. about all changes related to the dog (change of contact details, if the dog is lost or had died, etc.)
  4. Take the dog back to the shelter if you can´t take care of it anymore and not to abandon it.
    Accept the follow up of the dog in his new house.

Adoption fees

A.P.A.D. is a non-profit dog shelter; we depend on private donations to be able to give the best possible care to our dogs. The adoption fee of € 230 for a male and € 250 for a female is a contribution towards all the veterinary costs for the dog whilst in our care this includes all the required vaccinations, treatment for common parasites (internal and external), the microchip and its dog passport and all other veterinary costs including spay/neuter surgery. Since January 2020 a blood test is also included to detect the most common diseases in this area: Ehrlichiosis, Filariosis, Anaplasmosis and Leishmaniosis.

If a dog is adopted outside Spain and it is too young to be neutered the fee will be €180 and the adopter will commit to having the dog spayed/neutered.

Other relevant things to know when you adopt

Supplementary Information to the adoption process  

Other options
If you do not have the possibility to adopt a dog, you can also help our dogs in various other ways by

Being a foster home for vulnerable dogs (like senior dogs, injured or sick dogs, very young puppies and traumatized dogs) that are urgently looking for a home that can provide them with the special care they need
Financial and non-financial contributions through membership and donations.
Sponsoring one or more of our in shelter dogs.
Becoming a volunteer helping our dogs in A.P.A.D.
Becoming a member of A.P.A.D.

Any help you can give will help us to provide our dogs with the best possible care!