Our charity shop in Jalon


Wondering where the things that people donate to APAD are going? Many people pass by the shelter to leave things for us to sell in our shop. We sort and pack everything until we have our van full of things and then bring it to Jalon, where a group of devoted volunteers sell everything and donate all proceeds to APAD!

Our shop in Jalon was founded 15 years ago by Betty Smith who was originally a volunteer at the APAD animal sanctuary in Denia. She wanted to do more than just help out at the sanctuary, and as she lived in the Jalon valley, her idea was to open a charity shop in Jalon  with the monies donated for the items therein going to help the animals at APAD. She worked tirelessly in the shop, supporting APAD, until she sadly passed away in November 2013.

Our volunteers who accompanied Betty during her 8 years of running the shop decided to carry on her good work and, with help from differing volunteers over the years, continue to run the shop to this day with a steady stream of mixed-nationality customers, many regular faces, and new ones alike.  The suggested prices of items in the shop are very competitive, with very little increase – if any, in some cases – from 15 years ago. Many a bargain can be found in our friendly, interesting, and possibly unconventional shop in Jalon.  Our current volunteers have a mixture of English, Spanish, Dutch and German languages between them.

At present the shop is open Monday – Friday 9.30 am – 1.00 pm.  The COVID-19 pandemic brought about the retirement of several volunteers, so the shop is closed on a Saturday until further volunteers can be found. Please contact us if you are interested in helping out at the shop on a regular basis. We could use your help!

  • You can call Sandy Burgess on 679 95 94 85
  • Or send an email to info@apad-apad.org
  • Or pass by the shop during opening hours, the address is:  Calle San Antonio 1, Jalon

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