Foster home needed!!!

 We present our most urgent cases with which we need your help


March 2023

Sam has turned 11 and deserves a home where he can receive the warmth and love of his own family, here is more information and photos:

February 2023

Rufo needs a new loving home! This almost 14-year-old male pointer was unfortunately abandoned by his owner and is now looking for a new family to care for him. Rufo is a lovely, cheerful, and undemanding old boy who just wants to cuddle and feel safe again. Adopt him and give him the love and comfort he deserves!

March 2023: Rufo has found his Foster Family

February 2023

WENDY and WALDO,  our inseparable couple, adapt very well in their foster home. Waldo has recovered very well from his operation and now we are urgently looking for a forever foster for the two of them together. A home with lots of love and a sofa. The foster now is going on a trip in March, so we are urgently looking for a new home so they don’t have to go back to a cage in the shelter. Please share with friends, family….. APAD pays all veterinary expenses.

March 2023: Wendy and Waldo are together in a foster home!!

September 2021

Nala is a cheerful and loving female who has always lived in a loving home. Unfortunately, her owner is very ill and he can no longer take care of her. Poor Nala no longer understands her life. All those sounds in the shelter, all these different people … she is an 11 year old great grandmother who just needs to have a safe and quiet place and a person who loves her. Can you help so that she doesn’t spend her last days in a cage? Please contact us!

is in a foster home!

junio 2021

Boby Brown is terminally ill with cancer. Our wish is that he can spend his last days in a home surrounded by affection and love. He was always well looked after, but his owner passed away. He is very good with people and loves cuddles. The vet bills are covered by APAD, food if needed too! Contact us if you can help!

July 2021: Boby Brown is in a foster home!


Jimmy is now 13 years old and has spent 7 of them behind bars… His owners brought him to the shelter when he was 6 years old because he had bitten the neighbour. We were not told why or what the trigger for the biting was. Now Jimmy’s greatest wish is to spend his last days in a home with a little love, warmth and security. There is nothing sadder than when a dog soul leaves this world alone in his cage. Therefore, we will not stop looking a (foster)home for Jimmy.

Not only does his handsome and friendly look remind you of a red fox, but also his intelligence and cleverness make Jimmy very capable of learning. He understands and learns quickly when you have found a way to communicate with him.
We now know that Jimmy chooses his people himself, whom he then approaches and lets himself be petted and cuddled. Jimmy needs some time to gain confidence, he doesn’t like being touched and caressed by everyone, he will bite without warning. However, if there is mutual sympathy, a bond can already start to form at the first encounter. Once you have found access to his heart, Jimmy is a loyal and affectionate dog.
As a senior dog, he is of course house-trained and goes for walks on a loose leash, which he then thoroughly enjoys. He does not want to be petted by strangers, random people on the street and he would prefer to have his person all to himself. Jimmy can’t be trusted around children, small dogs and cats, children might want to touch him without asking and other small creatures he thinks are prey.
In the house, Jimmy is a quiet roommate who likes to find a cosy place to doze off, or from time to time checks the house to make sure everything is okay.
Who would like to give our Jimmy a few more beautiful years and give him the love he deserves? We would love to hear from you!
August 2021: JIMMY ADOPTED!!!!

January 2020



2 senior dogs that deserve to spend the time they have left in a warm home…

Xuso and Brandy are in foster homes!



July 2019: Tristan is in a foster home where he has a lot of space and Yara has found her family!


Rex is a spectacular and beautiful big Shepherd mix. The poor old boy has is living a dog’s worst nightmare: his owner is hospitalized and has no family that can take care of Rex. And so Rex had to change his sofa for a pallet in a cage.. Rex is going to turn 14 (yes … FOURTEEN) years on June 8 and we do not want that the shelter is his last station in life … Rex is a gently boy and is very sociable with people and dogs. Rex is very affectionate and never tires of being cuddled. Rex is calm, noble, affectionate, playful and respectful. Rex loves quiet walks and goes well on the leash without pulling, quietly sniffing all the new smells. Rex loves being brushed and touched. It shows that Rex has lived in a house, he is clean and does not destroy anything. Help us find a family for Rex where he can spend the remainder of his life quietly, receiving the love he deserves !!

June 2019: Rex has found a foster home!



Dardo and Cia entered the shelter when they were just puppies. They have lived their whole lives in cages. They do not know anything about life outside the shelter and we are looking for foster homes for them with people that have time and patience to teach them what life is all about…

April 2019: Dardo and Cia are in a foster home! Soon they will be ready for adoption because they are doing great!

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