Foster home needed!!!

 We present our most urgent cases with which we need your help


Brandy and Callie are in a foster home!

January 2020




3 senior dogs that deserve to spend the time they have left in a warm home…click on their pictures to find out more about them.



July 2019: Tristan is in a foster home where he has a lot of space and Yara has found her family!


Rex is a spectacular and beautiful big Shepherd mix. The poor old boy has is living a dog’s worst nightmare: his owner is hospitalized and has no family that can take care of Rex. And so Rex had to change his sofa for a pallet in a cage.. Rex is going to turn 14 (yes … FOURTEEN) years on June 8 and we do not want that the shelter is his last station in life … Rex is a gently boy and is very sociable with people and dogs. Rex is very affectionate and never tires of being cuddled. Rex is calm, noble, affectionate, playful and respectful. Rex loves quiet walks and goes well on the leash without pulling, quietly sniffing all the new smells. Rex loves being brushed and touched. It shows that Rex has lived in a house, he is clean and does not destroy anything. Help us find a family for Rex where he can spend the remainder of his life quietly, receiving the love he deserves !!

Juen 2019: Rex has found a foster home!



Dardo and Cia entered the shelter when they were just puppies. They have lived their whole lives in cages. They do not know anything about life outside the shelter and we are looking for foster homes for them with people that have time and patience to teach them what life is all about…

April 2019: Dardo and Cia are in a foster home! Soon they will be ready for adoption because they are doing great!

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